About full cave diving instructor Alex Bueß

Alex Bueß

Nationality: German

Born: 1986

Languages: German, English, Spanish

In Mexico since: 2014

Professional Diver since: 2012

Highest Certificate: Full Cave Instructor

Number of dives: 2000+

Number of dives in overhead environments: 1000+

Email: alex@dripstone-diving.com

Marco Steiner

Nationality: Swiss

Born: 1977

Languages: German, English, Spanish

In Mexico since: 2014

Professional Diver since: 2008

Highest Certificate: Full Cave Diver


Number of dives: 2000+

Number of dives in overhead environment: 1000+

Email: marco@dripstone-diving.com

About technical diving instructor Marco Steiner
More about Alex

Alex was born in 1986 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In his earliest years there were two things he disliked most: hunger and leaving the water. Up to today this did not change, just the crying stopped.

Alex spent his childhood and youth mainly in the water, first as a competition swimmer and later as an athlete in surflifesaving.

In this time he was able to get his first experience teaching a group of children.

While attending university he had the opportunity to learn scuba diving in 2011 and just after finishing theory and pool sessions he moved to Dahab, Egypt for a time out of three months to become a dive master.

3 months became 1 1/2 years, the time out a new beginning and just 9 months and 380 dives after his very first dive he became a diving instructor.

With his long term goal Mexico in mind he took his full cave diver class in southern France in summer 2013.

After a short time on Fuerteventura and taking his trimix course in Germany his dream Mexico came true in March 2014.

Short after arriving in Mexico Alex started assisting some of the most renowned cave instructors to learn more about cave diving in general and how to pass that knowledge to students as well. Three years later Alex graduated and became a TDI Full Cave Instructor. 

More about Marco

Marco is a diver since 1999 and discovered diving while he was travelling in Australia for a few months. After his travels, a few years passed by, living and working in Switzerland up to a point when he decided to go travelling again. In 2008 he went to Honduras, and became a Divemaster.

From this moment on, nothing was the same anymore. He still had to go back to Switzerland for work and of course to see his friends and family, but could not stop thinking of a life as a dive instructor somewhere on this planet. Marco was diving whenever he had the chance to, until he decided to leave Switzerland for good and to give it a try. So he went back to Honduras and became an Instructor.

After a while he wanted to see more, and he started to look around for Job opportunities. Because he also wanted to improve his spanish, the decision was near to look for a job in the caribbean. It did not take him a very long time until he had the chance to fly to Playa del Carmen in Mexico, where he started to work. First as a scuba dive instructor and after he became a cave diver, also as a cave and cavern guide.

At the moment is Marco on the way to also become a cave instructor and he is already looking forward to the new challenges which will come with it.

Marco preparing his diving gear

Our Story


Marco and Alex met while working in a dive shop in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Alex had arrived one week prior to Marco and it did not take long for the two to become friends. They did not just share a lot of interests but especially their attitude towards diving itself but also teaching diving. Both love to teach diving and always try to give as much information to theirs students as possible.


Alex and Marco believe that just a diver, who is able to control himself and feels well under water can be a safe diver. This why they decided to put the main focus on buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques starting on beginner level. Unfortunately they were not able to achieve that while working for diving schools because it was prevented by the inflexible and obsolete structures they had to fit in: Too many students per instructor, too little time but way too much time spent waiting kneeling somewhere.

To be able to make his ideas and philosophy come true Alex founded Dripstone Diving in 2014. Instead of sticking to the obsolete and inflexible diving course programs he disliked he started teaching according to his own ideas. The idea is very easy but even more convincing: more time, less students, no bottom contact. Very fast he managed to gain more and more experience teaching this way and used it to improve the courses even further. This lead to great reviews of happy diving students and -guests and a good reputation in the diving community.  Marco was working as a freelancer in that time and already tried to bring as many of those ideas into his courses as he could fit into the structure the diving center gave him



In 2016 Marco and Alex decided to work together to continue to improve Dripstone Diving. Nowadays the two are a well working team that does not just offer diving trips in caves, caverns and the ocean but is dedicated to high quality diver training to enable their students to love the underwater world and diving as much as they do.


We invite you to surf around the website. Find some beautiful videos and photos. Read what divers from all over the world say about us, and please feel free to contact us at any time.


Dripstone Diving – the modern way to dive

Alex putting on his wetsuit for diving
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