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Welcome to our blog page. Here we will publish articles and blogs about diving. We will set up different categories, which will make it easy to navigate and to find specific posts about a topic. Have fun reading our articles and please feel free to also leave a comment.

Diving Computer

Diving Computer: Within the last years the diving computer managed to become a part of the standard dive equipment. If you do not want to dive according to tables (and end a 30m dive after 20 minutes in your safety stop) you have no chance but buying one.


Fins: Fins are a very frequently discussed topic amongst divers. There are a lot of styles and models available and manufacturers constantly keep flooding the market with new ones.

How sugar coating is jeopardizing safety

how sugar coating is jeopardizing safety: “You are an amazing diver.” This is one of the sentences I am completely sick of hearing. Usually it is been said by diving guides after a dive instead of a debriefing and I have yet to see a diver who actually deserves it because their dive was completely flawless.

my friend, the safety stop

My friend, the safety stop: Almost everybody knows him but very few like him, especially when there is nothing to see between 6&3m. Most divers spend this time to stare holes into the water or even try to hypnotize their computer to count down faster. But why do we not simply do something useful during that time? 

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