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SDI Open Water Diver Training/ Course

SDI diving training

This course is the course for everyone who wants to become a diver.

An SDI Open Water Diver course at Dripstone Diving is being taught in a minimum of 4 days or more if needed. Over these 4 days we will train you the basics you need to master to become a safe and skillful diver. To achieve that goal you will develop knowledge about diving theory in classroom sessions, learn skills in confined water and apply them while conducting a minimum of 4 open water dives. After successful completion of your Open Water Diver course you will earn a SDI® Open Water Diver certification card. With this certification card you can dive all over the world because SDI® is a internationally recognized diving agency. Your certification card proofs that you are trained to conduct dives to a maximum depth of 18m/60ft, with a dive buddy who is trained at the same or higher level.

Dripstone Diving offers:

  • 2:1 ratio Instructor/Students – maximum 2 participants per course
  • Individual diving training – YOU set the pace of the course, we will train you as long as you need too, to get certified. min. course duration is 4 days.
  • Our confined water sessions are not conducted in a pool but in the open water of a cenote – we teach you in real diving conditions from the first day on.
  • No kneeling on the pool floor and rushing through the essential skills – we will teach you how to perform the skills while hovering in midwater from the first minute on to make sure you can easily master problems that might occur in your diving carreer.
  • All our instructors are also certified Full Cave Divers – benefit from the experience we bring into your course
  • Free Nitrox course – we will also include a Nitrox course and certification during your SDI Open Water Diver course because we believe that every modern diver should have the training to use the benefits of Nitrox.


Our Focus

Our focus is that after the course each diver does not just feel comfortable and safe underwater but actually is. After safety our focus is on buoyancy, trim and propulsion.

We are convinced that only a diver who can properly control his buoyancy is a safe diver. To get good buoyancy control you will need to be properly weighted and when you are properly weighted you will have a good trim.

With a nice and streamlined trim you are able to learn different propulsion techniques. A good propulsion technique helps you to move in the water wherever you want to go, and also important that you use an efficient kick with minimum effort what will also lower your gas consumption.

Buoyancy/ Trim/ Propulsion?
  • Buoyancy – diving will introduce you to a new dimension. We don’t just move forwards, backwards, left and right any more but move in a 3 dimensional space. The beauty of diving is to effortlessly move in all directions or stay right where you are depending on what you want.


  • Trim – proper trim brings you into a horizontal position what makes you more streamlined and therefore diving easier for you


  • Propulsion -or finning techniques are different techniques which we use to move through the water. We will teach you the techniques you need to know to always have the most efficient kick for the situation you are in. A good diver moves with very little effort and without disturbing the environment.


What you will learn

With all the focus points and combined with a decent knowledge of dive theory you will be able to:


  • plan your dives, and dive your plan.


  • stay safe at anytime of the dive.


  • handle problems that might occur


  • protect our beautiful dive sites around the world.


  • not harm anything and also make sure that you don’t get harmed.


  • enjoy dives and have fun in a very unique and beautiful new world.
SDI diving training

SDI Advanced Adventure Diver Training/ Course

The SDI Advanced Adventure Diver Training/ Course is the course following the Open Water Diver course. So the minimum requirement to join this Course is to own the Open Water Diver certification. As the word advanced itself suggests this is a course to learn more about diving and a very good opportunity to fine tune the skills you learned during your Open Water Diver course.

To earn the SDI Advanced Adventure Diver certification you need to complete at least 5 adventure dives. An adventure dive is a dive with a special topic or a special focus.

This course is split into theory sessions and adventure dives and there are no exams and confined water sessions as for example in the Open Water Diver course and it takes at minimum 3 days to complete the course or more if needed.

During your SDI Advanced Adventure Diver Training we focus on buoyancy, trim and propulsion because that is what distinguishes recreational divers on a basic levels from truly advanced recreational divers.

After you have earned this certification you are trained to go diving to a maximum depth of 30m/100ft with a dive buddy who also has an Advanced Adventure Diver certification or higher, or with a dive professional.

Available Adventure Dives

There are a lot of adventure dives you can choose from. The navigation adventure dive and the deep adventure dive is mandatory to earn the Advanced Open Water Diver certification. Below you see a list of adventure dives we can perform in this area, so beside the two mandatory dives you can choose 3 other adventure dives you would like to do.

  • U/W Navigation (mandatory)
  • Deep (mandatory)
  • Advanced Buoyancy Control
  • Computer
  • Computer Nitrox
  • U/W Photographer (only if you own a camera)
  • Drift
  • Sidemount
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